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so, thirteen days of cold showers is not at all fun. nor is thirteen days of washing my hair in cold water, or using plastic cups coz we can't wash dishes. hopefully, the electrician will choose to turn up and reconnect the hot water. coz it's cold! fortunately the weather's been unaccountably warm and dry. it hasn't rained for a couple of weeks! april is supposed to be the cruelest month, in that usually it pisses on us Irish for the entire time!

not much other news. we had a great guest lecture today on african feminist writing, and it was just fascinating, coz Western feminism tends to be quite exclusive of ideas outside western society, so it's just pretty cool.

oh, and our kitchen's getting done up. hence the cold water. we've also been without an oven for a while, but salad plates are handling that for us. but hopefully we'll have an oven, a hob, and a whole kitchen complete with full ceiling - not just half - that is overall fireproof, generally safe and 'cheap and cheerful' ie a hundred times better than the mess my father made of the whole thing.

well, i gotta go do research and study, coz i only have this book for another hour and a half. yikes!
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