vell_delarose (vell_delarose) wrote,

bsg 4ever!!!!

so, battlestar galactica academic cons are bloody fantastic! i highly recommend that everyone attend one at some point in their lives, coz they're fairly amazing. and we were the first ever academic con for the new show, so go us!

in other news, life has quietened down somewhat. am catching up on some reading before i start into my masters reading list and life is going generally grand. took on some extra days at work, coz one of the guys is heading to america and couldn't get the holiday time, so he offloaded all his days onto those who were willing and desperate for money (though his suggestion that i take two days in a row from him, and therefore work ten days in a row myself, was not taken kindly, even if the second one was a night shift at time and a half) so will be reasonably good for money for moving to dublin (and buying new clothes, coz my wardrobe is currently work clothes and three other outfits)

oh, and everyone should go visit High Wycombe. that's where the conference was held, and it is such a pretty town!!!! i was blown away, it is such a nice place. if i'm ever taking a week to feck off somewhere and just write, that's where i'll be doing it!

yay for pretty places!!!!

and the cab driver this morning was playing an album of beatles number ones. there was a point where me, the maternal unit, and the driver were all singing 'Can't Buy Me Love'. does it get any better?
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