vell_delarose (vell_delarose) wrote,

just another day at work

so there i am at the bar, the miller tap has just gone temporarily haywire on me, i'm moseying towards the back where it's a bit quieter to see what has to be done and i see a guy waiting to be served. so i take his order, and am a bit... hmm, what's the word... unsure. so i pull the first part of the guinness, go back, get the money, go to the till, ask one of the girls, and she says she doesn't think it could be, but then it's confirmed.

i had just served a guinness to Denzel Washington.

within five minutes, there were more managers in the bar than i'd ever seen in one place, and everyone was going into the back to start squealing 'it's denzel washington! it's denzel washington!"

for the record, got to shake his hand, he's a very nice guy, and his voice is much deeper in person.

it was pretty cool. last month was the clive owen month. this month is the denzel washington month. working in an airport rocks.

i still can't believe i charged him for the guinness!
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