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so here i am at long last, updating again. i finished work two weeks ago, am going up to dublin hopefully on thursday and i'm still in the middle of packing up my life. the plan is to have everything packed up so if my mom fulfills her wish to move the hell out of here, i won't have much to do. it's very strange, though. like, i'm suddenly noticing stufff on the walls that i haven't noticed in years, coz it's my stuff on my walls. and they soon won't be my walls. that makes me kind of sad, though more unsettled than sad.

i can now see my bedroom floor. my mom just suggested i say that. it's going to change in five minutes though, since i have to move everything neatly piled off my bed so i can go to sleep.

in other news, the weather is turning fairly mean. damn september rain etc. and i hate it when it just starts turning cold, but it's too soon to put on the heating.

i have packed up two boxes of books with no apparent change in my shelves. i'm starting to hope that my fifteen boxes will be enough. they'll be 'stuff staying in the house'. stuff that's coming up with me will be in bags with wheels. i'm dragging the maternal along to dublin with me for help moving, so that should be some fun. one day, the entire friends with cars thing will coalesce into friends with cars who are able to help with moves. i was hoping (months ago, at the start of the summer when packing seemed so easy and likely) that maria could give me a hand, but her shifts are so bad that even if she was thick enough to offer (which she's not) i'd tell her to feck off and get some rest. on an aside, her house is soooo pretty and nice. she's a very good decorator. AND, she has hundreds of books and dvds. it's like being in a library of the best sf/fantasy kind. and then there's the collectables.... and the couch. oh wow, the comfort of that couch.

my mom is aware that my returns to limerick will be to visit maria :)

in further news, anyone who is interested in graduation pictures please let me know how i post them onto lj. i was tanned, with fake nails and professional make up. and a pretty dress, with, ahem, helpful undergarments. although i managed not to get a single picture of me in the dress sans gown, though i don't mind, it was good all round. a great day, and getting that degree from the president of UL was an astonishing moment. you know when you go up for stuff usually, you get all nervous and anxious, and convinced that you looked a prat up there? i didn't get any of that. it went so well, and i got cheered (by clare and jim) and it was just strangely brilliant. it's so rare that i don't feel awkward in some way that i'm finding it hard to describe it. it was just wonderful.

so, now to the masters, then on to the phd, and then who knows? i am very very excited. woohoo!!!

feck, i have to go back to packing
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