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So, the first day here I was feeling quite desperate, but now am so much better. I think I was just freaking out, coz it was my first time really moving anywhere. So here I am, living in Dublin, a trinners grad (and omigod, the sheer fabulousness of the postgrad common room! so wonderful! and there are new newspapers put in every day, and there's a kitchen, and it was stunning, with leather couches and the like, and a chess set! and i'm told that's not even half of it), trying to cope with how much walking it takes to get anywhere and just how many people there are here. it's so busy in dublin, even at the quiet times in the day, it's quite unsettling. i'm very tired most evenings. the course looks great, and there's so much available for us, that it's just amazing.

this is about all i can manage for an update, am so sleepy and tired and the brain is nonfunctional. yawn. night.
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