vell_delarose (vell_delarose) wrote,


so, the essay that i had only two hours to do came back as a b1. a bit bummed out, but it's not too bad, considering. there was another project that day, that i'd lost completely three days before, and it was a flash animation, and i was doing that till 2.30 pm, and i found out the day after that it had been extended til monday. so i could have worked more on feminism, but feck it, that was only 25% of the grade, will kick arse in the exam nxt wk.

in other news, my grant authority will not cover trinity, so i have to go to another, so i'm probably going to get counted as a mature student now. i wonder if that'll get me a better grant? i hope it does, dublin will be expensive. i just hope that they do give me a grant. eek. postgrad hanging in the balance here. feck it, why can't education just be free? sigh. am feeling a little worried, but am putting that on back burner for exams. three exams, then i'm finished at UL forever. what an odd sensation
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