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so, been a while since i found this out, but posting's been sporadic with my shifts, so:

I got a first class honours degree for my course!!!! woohoo!!!!!! i'm going to trinity for my masters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am really psyched and happy and can't wait!!!! there were two modules I was so worried that i did badly in, but I did really well in my last semester and my fyp!!! after all the hard work, i got an A1 for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's pretty damn cool. and the day after i found out i was at work, and i saw the tutor that did my first english tutorial in first year, and the first week i gave an opinion on poetry and he started blasting me in front of the class for 20 minutes, saying i couldn't be quoted in essays and exams, and my opinions were meaningless (keep in mind, i've written poetry since i was eight, and done speech and drama since I was 5, and if you don't understand the poem in that, you can't perform it properly), and i saw him at the airport, and i couldn't stop grinning, coz i was thinking 'ha! showed you!'. didn't get a chance to say anything to him, but it was still pretty sweet.

am very very happy, tho often tired from work. every time i feel a bit tired and grumpy from it at work, i think of the results and grin. it's so cool.

oh, tay, send me your addy, or i may have to keep your very pretty bday pressie (it's celtic and modern. i personally think it's very nice) and that'll make me feel all guilty and stuff.

right then, i have to go, coz i'm going to harry potter in a little while.

i got a first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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